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Education, Curriculum, and Professional Resources: Practicum Loans

Tips for finding materials in the Curric Lab from books to dvds to kits to IRPs and more

Extended Loans for Practicum Students

Education students qualify for longer loans while on practicum. Extended loans apply to items from the Curriculum Lab and the main Library stacks.

This semester’s extended loan period begins October 9 and goes to December 18, 2019.


  1. Beginning October 9, practicum students may check out up to 15 items from the Curriculum Lab and main Library stacks on extended loan. Extended loan items should be returned on or before December 18. 

  2. In addition students may borrow Curriculum Lab and Stacks items on regular loan (4 weeks) with no limit.

  3. Non-Curriculum Lab CDs or DVDs are not available for extended loan but may be borrowed on regular loan (2 weeks) with no limit.

  4. If an extended loan item is no longer useful it may be exchanged for another.

  5. If suitable items have already been checked out on the regular four week loan, loans may be extended for practicum by contacting the Library Service Desk in person or by phone (250.740.6330) or by emailing a detailed list to

  6. Additional appropriate resources may be held by local public libraries, by practicum school libraries (check with teacher-librarians), or at District Resource Centres (check with sponsor-teachers).

  7. Need help in selecting materials? Contact a librarian:

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