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Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Information: Peer Reviewed?

This guide will present tools for you to identify scholarly and peer reviewed articles.

Is an article Peer Reviewed?

If your instructor requires that you use "peer reviewed" (as opposed to "scholarly") articles, you will need to know how to determine which articles have been reviewed.

One method of determining whether or not an article has been peer reviewed:

  • Go to the website for the journal.
  • Look in the "instructions for authors" section and/or in the "editorial policies" section of the website. These sections may provide information on if articles submitted for publication in that journal go through a peer review process.

The exact term "peer reviewed" may not be used, but look for wording around copies of the manuscript being sent for review; the requirement to submit several copies; and the presence of an editorial board.

Your instructor may also require specific kinds of peer reviewed articles (e.g., blind review, masked review), and will provide guidance and instruction in class regarding this.

Dates of Submission, Acceptance, and Publication

Another way of determining if an article has been peer-reviewed is that sometimes a statement is printed in the article stating when the article was received from the author and when it was accepted for publication.

This statement may appear at the beginning (front page) or at the end of the article.