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English 115 (Powell River): Magazine Analysis Assignment: Find Websites

Magazine Directories and Industry Sites

Search Strategies

A magazine's website can be a rich source of information about its content, readership, editorial policy, etc.  Often the web address is printed prominently in the magazine.  You can also find the site by doing a simple Google search.  Be sure to look for "About" and "Media Kit" sections on magazine websites, which can give you a good sense of a magazine's history and target audience. 

For information about particular aspects of magazines, use the Advanced Search screens in Google and Google Scholar.  For example, to search for information about gender in magazine advertising, use the search box labelled Find web pages that have...all of these words.  Type magazines gender advertising, and click the Advanced Search button.

For more help in refining your searches, click Advanced Search Tips, located near the top of Google's Advanced Search screen.