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English 115 (Powell River): Magazine Analysis Assignment: Proposal

Your Proposal (Zora's assignment)

Your proposal should tell me what magazine you have chosen, and why.  That is, what interests you, puzzles you, or angers you about your chosen magazine? Why do you want to spend time analyzing it?  Also, how do you plan to approach the analysis?  What questions will you try to answer about your magazine?  What kind of research do you think you might do?  What research have you already done? What are you finding challenging about the research?

Try to include a research question even if it is very tentative at this point.  Although your focus may change numerous times as you work on the paper, in your proposal you can sketch out what you think you might be trying to discover about your magazine.  This will guide both your research and the development of your working thesis.  Incorporate the name of your magazine into your research question(s) and working thesis as you develop them to ensure that you stay focused on the magazine itself. 

You may find Henderson’s section on “Research Proposals” (64-67) helpful. The proposal should be 1-2 double-spaced typed pages, and you must hand in your magazine along with your proposal. In responding to your proposal, I may suggest that you change your focus if your proposal does not respond appropriately to the assignment.