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English 115 (Powell River): Magazine Analysis Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Research Bibliography (and Sources) (Zora's assignment)

The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to show me that you can find relevant materials.  Our library orientation and the online guide will help you learn how to find appropriate resources.  Your final research paper must have a minimum of three secondary sources (sources not from your magazine itself) cited, so your working bibliography must have more than three items, as you will likely discover that some sources do not prove to be useful.  You must include at least one non-website source.  (This does not necessarily have to be a book—it could be an article found in an online database.)

The annotated bibliography should list your sources in alphabetical order following the conventions for MLA-style documentation studied in class in Weeks 5-8.  For each source, include a few sentences summarizing the source and outlining how you think it will be useful (this is the annotation).  You should indicate whether the source supports your thesis, provides an alternative point of view, or provides background information. You can find a useful guide to writing annotated bibliographies on the VIU Library website.  

Most of the evidence in your paper will come from the magazine itself (your primary source), but the secondary source material will add authority to your reading of the magazine.  Your secondary sources could include information on the history of the magazine, information about the contributors, contextual information about the content of an article that you will focus part of your analysis on, articles by magazine critics, et cetera.  Your secondary sources do not necessarily need to mention your magazine.  For example, if you think that your magazine might be trying to target middle-class readers, you may need to research the term “middle class” to support your argument.

Please hand in copies of any sources you have printed out with your annotated bibliography, and again with your completed paper.  It will be helpful to print out hard copies of sources that you retrieve on-line and to arrange to keep library materials until the end of the semester or to photocopy relevant pages before returning materials to the library.  If a source is too long to print in full, consider printing at least enough of the source to provide the publication information.

You may find additional useful sources after handing in the annotated bibliography.  This is fine.  The bibliography you hand in now just gives me an indication of the scope of your research so far and allows you to practice (and get feedback on) finding sources and writing MLA-style listings for them.