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English 115 (Powell River): Magazine Analysis Assignment: Workshop/Revising & Completed Paper

Workshop/Peer Revising (Zora's assignment)

This workshop is designed to provide you with constructive feedback from your peer group to assist you in strengthening your research paper and to allow you to practice your skills of evaluation.  In order to benefit fully from this workshop, you must have a completed draft of your research paper.  Your draft must have an introductory paragraph with a clear working thesis underlined, and it should also include a draft Works Cited list.

Bring four typed, double-spaced copies of your draft to the workshop.  In this workshop, you will exchange drafts with two or three peers to provide careful evaluations of each other’s writing.  Your final grade may reflect how well you incorporate your readers’ suggestions into your paper.  It is your responsibility to collect the edited drafts and submit them with your completed paper.

Completed Paper (Zora's assignment)

Your final draft must be double-spaced, typed, and must follow the conventions of MLA-style documentation.  It should be approximately 1500 words and it should include a title page with your name, the date, the title of your paper, the course name, and my name.  The Works Cited list must include a minimum of three secondary sources, at least one of which is a non-website source, as well as entries for the specific parts of the magazine that you refer to in the text of your paper (e.g. articles and advertisements).  The completed paper should not contain any graphics (pictures).

Package everything together to submit with your paper: final draft, peer editing drafts, the magazine itself, and copies of any secondary sources you have printed out.  Place everything in a large envelope or folder (this does not need to be fancy--recycled is fine) clearly labeled with your full name, the course name, my name, and the date.  If you have library sources that do not fit in the envelope or folder, make sure that they are clearly labeled with your name and hand them in with your envelope, preferably attached with an elastic band.