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English as a Second Language (ESL): TOEFL

TOEFL Resources on the Web

TOEFL: Books in the VIU Library

To borrow any of these books, present your Library card (student card) at the Service Desk on the third (main) floor of the Library.

The Call Number is the book's location on the shelf.  In Nanaimo, the Stacks (main book collection) are on the fourth floor.  

Use LibrarySearch to find other books about the TOEFL.  You can find LibrarySearch on the Get Started page of this guide, and on the Library's home page.

About the TOEFL

"The TOEFL test measures your ability to use and understand the English language as it’s read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom. As the most accepted English-language test in the world, more than 8,000 universities, agencies, and other institutions in more than 130 countries accept the TOEFL test as part of their admissions criteria." 

--from "All about the TOEFL Test: What You Need to Know", on the TOEFL official website.

TOEFL: Ebooks

To access these e-books, you will need to log in with your student number and Library PIN.  See the Get Started page of this guide for information on Library PINs.