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Horticulture: Articles & Databases

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Finding Articles in Journals and Magazines

The databases listed below are good ones to start searching for articles on topics about horticulture.  These databases are listed alphabetically by title.

Horticulture Magazines in the VIU Library

The Following titles are examples of some of the journals/magazines about horticulture:

American Nurseryman

Canadian Gardening

Fine Gardening *

Garden History

Grounds Maintenance

Greenhouse Canada * 

Grower Talks *

Grounds Maintenance

Garden History


Horticulture  Week


Landscape Architecture

Landscape Journal

Landscape Management

Landscape Online

Organic Gardening  (OG)

Pacific Horticulture *

Note: The above titles may be available in print, online or both.  Print titles designated with an * are located at the G.R. Paine Horticultural Centre.

Additional Databases

Databases are listed alphabetically by title.