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Biol 457: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology: eBooks/Books

marine biodiversity, terrestrial biodiversity, variation of life, extinction, conservation, endangered species, distruction of habitat, invasive species, environmental protection, environmental restoration, resource allocation, species, climate change

eBooks/Books @ the Library

The VIU Library has eBooks on a wide range of subjects. You can access these eBooks from on or off campus using your Library ID and PIN.

Find eBooks using LibrarySearch's eBook search :

eBooks vary in their format and features depending on the platform which means options such as turning pages, saving, or printing may differ. Please contact a Librarian if you have questions. 


Finding print books : Once you have a search result list, you can limit your titles to print books (instead of ebooks) by selecting the option on the left sidebar under the section, Library Location. For example, selecting Nanaimo will list the print books (within this result list) that are available at the Nanaimo Campus library.

Examples of Keywords (Search Terms)

The following are some examples of keywords (search terms) which can be used for finding books (and videos) on topics in Biol 457.

Use quotations marks around phrases that are two words or more. The word 'AND' is automatically inserted between each search term to tie them together in a search.

For example:

"conservation strategy" parks

"effect of human beings on"  nature

 population   monitoring

conservation  wildlife  "british columbia"





"biotic communities"

"biological corridors"


"biodiversity conservation"

"british columbia"




"conservation policy"

conservation and "sustainable development"

"conservation biology"

"conservation strategy"

"climatic changes"

"conservation of natural resources"


"endangered species"

"endangered plants"

"environmental protection"

"environmental management"

"environmental policy"

"environmental activism"


"ecological zones  or ecozones"

"ecosystem diversity"

"effect of human beings on"

"extinction biology"

ecosystem*    (or "coral reefs", grasslands, wetlands, boreal forests, ponds, "old growth forests", "tropical forests", prairies, marine, ocean, "fresh water lakes", etc.)


eish or fishes (or sturgeon, salmon, etc.)

"forest biodiversity"

"freshwater ecology"



"genetic diversity"



"habitat protection"

habitat degradation

"habitat destruction"


"island species" extinction

insects ( or beetles, butterflies, etc.)

"land use"


mammals  (or birds or bears, etc.)

"marine parks" and reserves


"nature conservation"

"national parks" reserves


"population biology"

"protected areas"

"protected areas" parks

"plant conservation"

"plant microevolution"




species evolution

species origin*

species extinction (also … "extinct amphibian*", "extinct bird*", "rare bird*", "amphibian declines",  etc.)


specific species  (e.g. wolves, bears, elk, ...)


trees (or fungus or lichen or plants, etc.)



"wildlife conservation"

"wildlife management"




Note:  Use the asterisk * to search a keyword with various endings.  For example, searching: sampl* ,  will search for:  sample, samples, and sampling.

Finding Technical Reports in the VIU Library

Find Technical Reports in the VIU Library, by searching in LibrarySearch (the search line above).  Complete a keyword search by combining technical report with a topic or department.



"technical report"  "canadian wildlife service"

"technical report"  arctic 

"technical report" birds


"technical report"  conservation


"technical report"  biodiversity


"technical report"  forestry


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