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Education, Curriculum, and Professional Resources: Find Curriculum Resources in the Library

Tips for finding materials in the Curric Lab from books to dvds to kits to IRPs and more

Curriculum Resources: LibrarySearch

Curriculum lab: Browse or search within curriculum materials in the Nanaimo Campus Library

Please note the following alphabetical grade levels: k=kindergarten, p=primary, e=elementary, i=intermediate, s=secondary, t=teacher materials.


Curriculum Resources (French): LibrarySearch

View and search within French language curriculum resources.

LibrarySearch: Find articles, books and more

ERIC: Find education literature by audience, level, publication type & more

Using the ERIC index, you can focus on education literature according to...

  • audience (teacher, parent, administrator, etc.)
  • level (grade or other category)
  • publication type (book, article, thesis, report, test, more)

Other Useful Library Guides for Education Students