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RMOT 191 & 192: An Introduction: Home

fish, fisheries, wildlife, wildlife management, technical reports

Introduction to RMOT

Welcome to the VIU Library's Research Guide for Resource Management Officer Technology (RMOT).  This introductory guide will assist you to begin your library research.  Please start by selecting one of the pages listed on the blue bar above.


 Students in the RMOT programs should pay particular attention to the additional guides, listed to the left of this box: 

  • RMOT / BNRP Research Guide
  • RMOT 497 Special Investigations: Forensics and Habitat Prosecutions 
  • Technical Reports: For Studies in Fisheries, Forestry, RMOT, and Wildlife

Getting Started

Subject Guide

Faith Takishita, Librarian


Please contact me for additional assistance:


Please contact me for additional assistance.
Also, feel free to recommend other sites you may wish to have added to this research guide.