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Biol 315/415 - Parasitology: Articles & Databases

parasites, adaptations, genetics, evolution, infectious diseases, immunoparasitology, life cycles, taxonomy, arthropods, helminthes, protozoans, pathogens, immunization, vectors, transmission, primary host, secondary host, ecot & endoparasitology

Key Databases

Databases are listed in alphabetical order.

Google Scholar Search

Search for scholarly sources on the Internet.  They will be linked to any articles (if available) in the VIU Library collection.

Google Scholar Search

Supplemental Databases - A

If you haven’t found enough information on your topic using the key databases (in the box to the left), then continue your searching in the following supplemental databases. 

Supplemental Databases - B

 The following databases provide information on Canadian topics or events or from a Canadian perspective.

Journal Title Abbreviations & Acronyms