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VIUSpace | Special Projects: Library Info

This guide showcases projects connected to our institutional repository: VIUSpace. The projects below have been built by the library technical services department: Daniel Sifton, Sarah Ogden, Dalys Barney

Nanaimo Slides

CAF Soldiers and a machine gun The Nanaimo Slide Collection | Map showcases the various historical locations found in the Nanaimo Slide Collection. These digitized slides feature people and places in Nanaimo during the years 1875 - 1945.

College Calendars

Calendar CollageThe Malaspina College Calendar Collection | Timeline showcases easily browsed, digitized calendar covers from Malaspina College - Malaspina University College 1969 - 2003. Links at the bottom right of each image will take you to the full-text of the calendars in the Malaspina College Calendar Collection.