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Journals: Request a Journal or an Article from another Library

This guide provides an introduction and brief overview of journals and academic publications.

What if VIU Library doesn't have the journal I need?

If you need a particular journal article for your research, but the VIU Library doesn't have subscription access to the journal (or the journal volume/issue/year) you need, you can request a copy of the article on interlibrary loan - meaning the VIU Library will try to get the article for you from another library.  This process is free and usually takes 2-5 days before your article is available for pickup.

You can request interlibrary loans online using a blank request form or after clicking a "Where can I get this item?" link. 

Here's an example of a journal article that VIU Library does not have access to, either online or in print:

ILL Screen

As you can see above, there are neither links to online full text nor information about the journal being available in print in the VIU Library collection.  However, there is a link to Get it for me from another library.

Click this link to complete and submit your online request (you will need your student/employee number and library PIN.)

Interlibrary Loan Walk-Through:


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