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Primary Sources: Journals & Magazines

A selection of resources to guide research in primary sources.

Selected Primary Source Periodicals Online

Historical Holdings of Selected Periodicals in the Library@VIU

Past issues of magazines and journals may have relevance for the study of historical topics. The titles below are available in the Nanaimo Campus library on microform or in print, and fulfill one or more of these criteria:  

  • Holdings at least 40 years in the past AND one of the following:
    • Intended for general or popular audiences (i.e. not scholarly journals)
    • Coverage of a range of topics or subject areas (i.e. not focusing on one discipline or aspect of a discipline)
    • Of Canadian historical interest
    • Rarity, in the Library collection, of either subjects or time periods covered
    • Providing an important or unusual perspective on society in the 19th and 20th centuries

Note: Retrospective newspapers are covered in our Newspapers guide

    Note: for many of these periodicals, the Library also holds current issues in print or online. Current issues also may be available at other campuses besides Nanaimo.  Check our Journals A to Z list for all Library journal and magazine holdings.

     American Anthropologist     v. 6 (1904) – v. 25 no. 3 (1923); v. 54 (1954) – v. 58 (1958)

         GN 1 A5 nanaimo microform 
         Published by the American Anthropological Association.

    Atlantic Monthly    v.201 (1958) - v.281/282 (1998)

         AP 2 A8 nanaimo microform 
         American magazine focusing on politics, culture and literature.

    Boy's Own Annual   v. 33 (1910; v. 44 (1921); v. 52 (1927)

         AP 201 B6 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         Stories, articles, games, and other miscellaneous writings for boys.

    Canada Monthly     v.4:no.6 (1908) - v.23 (1917)

         AP 5 C12 nanaimo microform 
         Published in London, Ont. Non-fiction articles covering arts, politics and economics in Canada.

    Canadian Bookman     v.1 (1919:Jan.) - v.21 (1939:Nov.)

         Z 487 C353 nanaimo microform 
         Canadian literary journal. The editorial committee went on to organize the Canadian Authors Association.

    Canadian Forum     v.58/59:no.686/695 (1979) - v.79 (2000:Jun.)

         AP 5 C125 nanaimo periodicals 
         Canadian cultural and political magazine founded in 1920 and published in Toronto.

    Canadian Forum     v.1 (1920) - v.58 (1979)

         AP 5 C125 nanaimo microform 
         Canadian cultural and political magazine founded in 1920 and published in Toronto.

    Canadian Geographical Journal     v.1(1930) -v.50 (1955), v.92 (1976) - v.96 (1978)

         G 1 C3 nanaimo periodicals      

    Canadian Geographical Journal     v.53 (1956) - v.93 (1977)

         G 1 C3 nanaimo microform 
         Popular monthly magazine published by the Canadian Geographical Society, with the aim of “making Canada better known to Canadians and to the world.”

    Canadian Homes and Gardens     v. 6-35 (1929-58)

         NA 7100 C25 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         Photographs of exteriors and interiors of Canadian homes, including some from B.C.

    Chatelaine     v.55:no.1 (1982:Jan.) - v.57:no.12 (1984:Dec.) ; v.66:no.1 (1993:Jan.) - v.69:no.12 (1996:Dec.)

         HQ 1101 C49 nanaimo periodicals 

    Chatelaine     (1928) - v.54 (1981) ; v.58 (1985) - v.65:no.12 (1992:Dec.)

         HQ 1101 C49 nanaimo microform 
         Canadian women’s magazine, "...aimed at the working wife and mother who is looking for practical advice on raising her family."

    Commentary     v.23 (1957) - v.105/106 (1998)

         D 410 C6 nanaimo microfilm 
         Neoconservative public affairs journal, published by the American Jewish Committee.

    Dominion Illustrated Monthly     v.1 (1892:Feb.) - v.2 1893:Aug./Sept.)

         AP 5 D655 nanaimo microform 
         Published in Montreal and Toronto. Fiction and non-fiction opinion pieces on sport, politics, society and the arts in Canada.

    Economist     v.190 (1959) - v.369 (2003:Dec.)

         H 1 E7 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly news and international affairs publication from London, England.

    Everywoman's World     (1914:Feb. - 1921:Feb)

         HQ 1401 E94 nanaimo microform 
         Monthly Canadian magazine featuring fiction as well as illustrations and articles on women’s issues such as the Toronto Housewives' League, women immigrants and the Canadian suffragette movement.

    Financial Post     v.103 (1960) - (1998:Oct.)

         HG1 F5 nanaimo microform 
         Canadian business newspaper.

    Girl's Own Annual     v. 3 (1882) - v. 62 (1940)

         AP 201 G5 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         Stories, articles, interviews, puzzles, games, clothing patterns and other miscellaneous writings for girls.

    Girl's Own Paper & Woman's Magazine     v. 30 (1908) - v. 49, no.3 (1927)

         AP 201 G46 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         British magazine of fiction, poetry and non-fiction articles about the domestic arts.

    Grain Growers' Guide     v.1:no.1 (1908:June) - v.20:no.5 (1928:Mar. 15)

         FC 3231 G73 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly pro-labour publication from Winnipeg. Farm trade news, plus commentary on political, economic and social issues affecting life in the Canadian prairies.

    Grip     v.1 (1873:May 24) - v.42 (1894:Dec. 29)

         AP 5 G756 nanaimo microform 
         19th century Canadian humour magazine, published in Toronto.

    Harper's Magazine     v.216 (1958) - v.297 (1998)

         AP 2 H3 nanaimo microform 
         American monthly general-interest magazine covering literature, politics, culture, and the arts.

    Harper's Weekly     v.1 (1857) - v.44 (1900)

         AP 2 H32 nanaimo microform 
         American political magazine published from 1857 to 1916.

    Illustrated London News     v. 1-2 (1870); v. 9 (1891) v. 14-21 (1894-97)

         AP 4 I3 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk

    Illustrated News of the World     v. 8 (1891); v. 11-13 (1892-93)

         AP 4 I32 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         British magazine of the Victorian era, providing illustrations of contemporary events.

    Ladies Home Journal     1901/03; 1912; 1917; 1922; 1927; 1932; 1937; 1942; 1947; 1952

         AP 2 L35 nanaimo microform 
         American women’s magazine first published in 1883 as a women's supplement to the socialist weekly Tribune, becoming independent a year later.

    Ladies' Journal     v.3 (1884:Apr.) - v.11 (1896:Jan.)

         HQ 1401 L34 nanaimo microform 
         Monthly Canadian magazine "devoted to literature, fashion, domestic matters, etc."

    Life     v.46 (1959) - v.73 (1972); v.9 (1986) - v.12 (1989)

         1959-1972: AP 2 L547 nanaimo microform ; 1986-1989: AP 2 L548 nanaimo microfiche
         American photojournalism magazine that ran from 1936 to 1972. Published iconic images of events in the U.S. and the world.

    Maclean's     1905:Oct. - 2010:Jan

         AP 5 M2 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly Canadian newsmagazine.

    Nation     v.69 (1899) - v.117 (1923) ; v.188 (1959) - v.267 (1998)

         AP 2 N2 nanaimo microform 
         Liberal weekly devoted to politics and culture. U.S. with many international bureaus.

    National Geographic Magazine   v.49 (1926) - v.52 (1927); v.84 (1943) - v.218:no.5 (2010:Nov.)

         G 1 N27 nanaimo periodicals 
         Published by the National Geographic Society in the United States. Known for the quality of its photojournalism, and for its and maps.

    National Review     v.5 (1968) - v.50 (1998)

         AP 2 N3545 nanaimo microform 
         Conservative U.S. political magazine.

    New Republic     v.138 (1958) - v.219 (1998)

         AP 2 N624 nanaimo microform 
         Centrist U.S. publication of political, social and literary opinion pieces.

    New Statesman     v.57 (1959) - v.115 (1988:June 3)

         AP 2 N64 nanaimo microform 
         Left-leaning political weekly published in London (England).

    New Statesman & Society     v.1:no.1 (1988:June 10) - v.9:no.406 (1996:June 7)

         AP 2 N642 nanaimo microform 

    New Yorker     v.35 (1959) - v.75 (1998/1999)

         AP 2 N676 nanaimo microfilm 
         Weekly American magazine that publishes criticism, essays, investigative reporting, and fiction.

    Newsweek     v.53 (1959) - v.140 (2002:Dec.)

         AP 2 N678 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly American newsmagazine published in New York City.

    Outdoor Life     v.15 (1905) - v.30 (1912)

         SK 1 O78 nanaimo microform 
         “A magazine of the west”, covering hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor pursuits in the Western states, British Columbia, and Alaska.

    Partisan Review     v.22 (1955) - v.70 (2003)

         AP 2 P27 nanaimo microfilm 
         American political and literary quarterly published from 1934 to 2003.

    Popular Science     v.174 (1959) - v.253 (1998)

         T 1 P79 nanaimo microform 
         American magazine devoted to presenting information about developments in science and technology to the lay person.

    Popular Science Monthly     v.37 (1890) - v.44 (1894)

         T 1 P78 nanaimo microform 
         American magazine presenting information about developments in science and technology to the layperson. Continued by Popular Science.

    Queen's Quarterly     v.66 (1959) - v.105 (1998)

         AP 5 Q3 nanaimo microform 
         Canadian journal for both academic and general audiences, covering science, politics, economics, literature, and foreign affairs.

    Routledge's Every Girl's Annual     1880

         AP 201 R86 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         Fiction and non-fiction for girls, published in London (England).

    Saturday Evening Post     v.173 (1900:July) - v.225 (1953:Feb.)

         AP 2 S388 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly American magazine published from 1821 to 1969, covering current events as well as popular fiction.

    Saturday Night     v.90 (1975) - 1992; v.115:no.3 - no.3820 (2000:May 13)

         FC 1 S26 nanaimo periodicals 

         Canadian general interest magazine founded in 1887, that ceased publication in October 2005.

    Saturday Night     v.25 (1911)-v.90 (1975)

         FC 1 S26 nanaimo microform 

    Scientific American     v.178 (1948) - v.231 (1974)

         Q 1 S7 nanaimo microform 
         Perhaps the oldest popular science magazine, published in the U.S. since 1848. Offers perspective on developments in industry, science and technology in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Scientific American     v.180 (1949) - v.303:no.3 (2010:Sep.)

         Q 1 S7 nanaimo periodicals 

    St. Nicholas     Various issues published between 1895 and 1918

         AP 201 S3 nanaimo periodicals 
         Fiction and non-fiction for children, published in New York.

    Sunday at Home     1897

         AP 4 S79 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         Christian literature publication from London (England).

    Technology and Culture     v.1:no.1 (1959:winter) - v.15:no.4 (1974:Oct.)

         T 1 T27 nanaimo microform 
         Publishes articles on the history of technology, for general as well as academic readers. Thematic issues cover topics such as biomedical technology, patents and inventions, ecology, engineering in the twentieth century, and gender and technology. Published in the U.S. by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Time      v.1 (1923) - v.170 pt.1 (2007:Jul.2)

         AP 2 T37 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly American newsmagazine.

    TLS, the Times Literary Supplement     Jan.17,1902-Jun.1924; Jan.1925-Dec.1981

         Z 1035 T5 nanaimo microform 
         Book reviews, published in London (England) by Times Newspapers Limited.

    U.S. News and World Report  v.46 (1959) - v.126 (1999:June); v.128 (2000:Jan.) -

         JK 1 U65 nanaimo microform 
         Weekly newsmagazine based in Washington, DC.

    University Magazine     v. 1 (Dec. 1901)-v. 19, no. 2 (Apr. 1920)

         AP 5 U577 nanaimo microform 
         This publication began as the McGill University Magazine, edited by Andrew Macphail. Content includes thoughts and opinion on various social issues, wartime narratives, and literary criticism

    Woman's Magazine Annual v. 52-58 (1931-37); v. 60 (1939)

         AP 4 W6 nanaimo special collections - inquire at Service Desk 
         British magazine featuring fiction, poetry and non-fiction articles about the domestic arts.

    World Today     v.15 (1959) - v.47 (1991)

         D 410 W63 nanaimo microform 
         British magazine covering society, politics, foreign affairs and government.

    Youth's Companion     v.67 (1894) - v.84 (1910)

         HQ 793 Y68 nanaimo microform 
         American publication (published in Boston) with articles and stories for adolescent boys and girls.

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