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Nursing: BSN Program: Nursing Call Numbers & SH

MeSH- Medical Subject Headings

Library of Congress

Nursing: Library of Congress Call Numbers and Subject Headings

RT1 -120 Nursing

RT23 Communication in Nursing (also: RT86)

RT24 Nursing Authorship

RT31 History of Nursing

RT41 Medical Surgical Nursing

RT42 General nursing topics, includes basic nursing texts, Nursing Interventions Classification

RT48 Nursing Assessment / Nursing Diagnosis

RT50.5 Nursing Informatics

RT73-79 Nursing Schools

RT81.5 Nursing Research

RT82.8 Nurse Practitioners

RT84.5 Nursing Theory, Nursing Models

RT85 Nursing Ethics

RT85.5 Nursing Standards includes Nursing Outcomes Classification

RT86.54 Transcultural nursing

RT89 Nursing Administration

RT97-98 Community Health Nursing / Public Health Nursing

RT120.C45 Chronic Disease Nursing

RT120.E4 Emergency Nursing

RT120.F34 Family Nursing

RT120.H65 Home Nursing, Visiting Nurses

RT120.I5 Intensive Care Nursing

RT120.R4 Rehabilitation Nursing


Areas Related to Nursing

R121 Medical dictionaries

R726.8 Hospice care

R858-859.7 Medical informatics

RB37 Diagnostic and laboratory tests

RB115 Nomenclature (procedural coding)

RC69-71 Diagnosis

RC86.7 Emergency medicine

RC266 Oncology nursing

RC952-954.6 Geriatrics

RD93-98 Wound care

RD753 Orthopedic nursing

CINAHL Subject Headings/Terms

Nursing and Allied Health Disciplines Covered in CINAHL

The CINAHL database covers nursing and allied health literature from 1981 to the present. Here's a complete list of the disciplines covered.
Nursing Disciplines Covered Include:

    Addictions Nursing
    Ambulatory Care Nursing
    Anesthesia Nursing
    Burn Nursing
    Camp Nursing
    Cardiovascular Nursing
    Community Health Nursing
    Community Mental Health Nursing
    Coronary Care Nursing
    Correctional Health Nursing
    Critical Care Nursing
    Dermatology Nursing
    Emergency Nursing
    Enterostomal Therapy Nursing
    Family Nursing
    Flight Nursing
    Forensic Nursing
    Gastroenterology Nursing
    Genetics Nursing
    Gerontologic Nursing
    Geropsychiatric Nursing
    Gynecologic Nursing
    HIV-AIDS Nursing
    Holistic Nursing
    Home Nursing, Professional
    Hospice and Palliative Nursing
    Intravenous Nursing
    Maternal-Child Nursing
    Medical-Surgical Nursing
    Military Nursing
    Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
    Neonatal Nursing
    Nephrology Nursing
    Neuroscience Nursing
    Nurse Midwifery
    Obstetric Nursing
    Occupational Health Nursing
    Office Nursing
    Oncologic Nursing
    Ophthalmic Nursing
    Orthopedic Nursing
    Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck
    Parish Nursing
    Pediatric Critical Care Nursing
    Pediatric Nursing
    Pediatric Oncology Nursing
    Perianesthesia Nursing
    Perinatal Nursing
    Perioperative Nursing
    Practical Nursing
    Private Duty Nursing
    Psychiatric Nursing
    Radiological Nursing
    Rehabilitation Nursing
    Respiratory Nursing
    Rural Health Nursing
    School Health Nursing
    Spinal Cord Injury Nursing
    Surgical Nursing, Plastic
    Trauma Nursing
    Urologic Nursing

Allied Health Disciplines Covered Include:

    Athletic Training
    Cardiopulmonary Technology
    Dental Hygiene
    Emergency Services
    Health Information Management
    Medical Assisting
    Medical/Laboratory Technology
    Nutrition & Dietetics
    Occupational Therapy
    Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    Physician Assistants
    Radiologic Technology
    Respiratory Therapy
    Social Service in Health Care
    Speech-Language Pathology
    Surgical Technology

Other Subject Areas Covered Include:

    AIDS Care
    Alternative/Complementary Medicine
    Behavioral Science
    Consumer Health
    Health Promotion and Education
    Health Sciences Librarianship
    Health Services Administration
    Law and Legal Issues in Health Care
    Women's Health